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At 101 Industries Ltd., we are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of safety on all of our projects, whether we're doing work for residential, commercial or industrial clients. As one of our core values, safety is a priority for everyone within our company. Learn more about who we are below, or contact us today to get started.

Switching the town's furnaces to natural gas in 1975.

Our Beginnings

101 Industries Ltd. was founded in 1968 by Willie Meier as 101 Sheetmetal, Plumbing and Roofing Ltd. The name originated as a representation of the fact that 1968 marked 101 years after confederation.

Since 1968, we have grown to become one of the largest contractors in northwest British Columbia. The growth from a small residential heating and plumbing contractor in 1968 to what 101 Industries Ltd. is today was accomplished by recognizing our customers’ needs. As we saw opportunities for diversification and improvement, we made the investments in our business required to allow us to grow successfully.

Award-winning cladding installation for a major industrial customer in 1978.

Our Philosophy

Equally important to recognizing and reaching for new markets is the company’s philosophy to not give up a market in order to enter another. During our years of greatest growth, we have been able to not only maintain our existing markets, but we have continued to be the leaders in these fields. Even today, as 101 Industries Ltd. is now an industrial specialist, we are still the premier residential and commercial service and installation contractor in the area – the same place we started in 1968.

Our name was changed in 1995 to 101 Industries Ltd. It was decided that the highly descriptive original name of 101 Sheetmetal, Plumbing, and Roofing Ltd. did not adequately serve our business.

During the 1990’s, management and ownership of 101 Industries Ltd. progressively shifted to include the company officers listed below:

  • Thom Meier
  • Mark Harnadek

Safety Is a Core Value

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