Machine Shop in Terrace

101 Industries Ltd. has full machine shop capabilities. Our lead machinist has extensive experience in all aspects of the machining trade including machine tooling, metalworking, machining and installation of rotating equipment.

In addition to operating a machine shop, we perform field millwrighting services. We have extensive experience in pulp mills, sawmills, petrochemical facilities, aluminum smelters, mobile equipment repairs and material conveyance equipment. Learn more about these services below, or contact us today to get started.

About Our Shop Equipment

Our shop equipment consists of:

  • Turning: Our turning equipment consists of two lathes. The larger is a Titan with a 157” bed between centers, 32” swing over ways, and a 40” over gap. This, to our knowledge, is the largest lathe in the area. The smaller unit is a D.S.G. lathe with a 32” bed between centers and a 14” swing. These lathes are ideal for turning, boring, facing, grooving, threading, tapering, reaming and line boring.
  • Milling: We have a Mechanicy universal milling machine with a 78” X 16” table and 42” overarm. This machine is highly versatile and capable of facing, boring, slotting, gang milling, tapering, angle milling and line boring. It is fitted with a digital readout for speed and accuracy.
  • Drilling: Our drilling equipment consists of a Summit® 6’ 14 ½” radial arm drill press ideal for various processes including drilling, boring, spot facing, tapping and reaming. Smaller drilling stations are also located around the shop for small projects.
  • Bending: We have a 175 ton press brake with dies and punches suitable for many different applications. We also make custom punches and dies to satisfy specific needs.
  • Shearing: The shop is equipped with a plate shear suitable for ¼” MS over 10'.
  • Tooling: We have a full complement of tooling and measuring equipment as required for any project.
  • Laser Alignment: 101 Industries Ltd. has laser alignment equipment for use on rotating equipment. Our field millwrights are trained in the proper use of this equipment and hardcopy printouts are supplied to the customer for each piece of equipment that is aligned.
Lime mud-filter rebuild Band-saw Installation

Supporting Departments

The machining and millwrighting department is supported by the other departments run by 101 Industries Ltd. When the job requires steel fabrications, pressure piping, heavy rigging or structural steel support, we have the skilled people to offer the proper service in these areas. All of our departments are staffed with ticketed journeymen with BC Trades qualifications. Having the right person for the job is the basis of our motto “Quality through craftsmanship.”

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